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Registration Night 1 Main Floor Hall East

Title: Registration Night 1 Main Floor Hall East
Location: Eastlink Center
Description: Meet us on the main floor past Second Cup! Please pre register online (see registration) and bring with you

1. Your swimmer to size for their competition suit
2. Payment if not done online
3. Fundraising Chq’s
4. Your calendar to sign up for the fundraising opportunities.
5. your Questions!

6-8 pm March 8,9
Start Date: 2016-03-08
Start Time: 18:00
End Date: 2016-03-09
End Time: 20:00




 Congratulations to the 33 swimmers that qualified for Provincials this past weekend at the Regional Championship in Peace River. The team also brought home the top aggregate award for most team points earned. The Aquarians earned 912 team points broken down into  784 individual points and 128 relay points.   Individual Aggregates went to:


Brandon Stanton Boys 6 and under

Jordan Greber Girls 7&8

Gavin Greber Boys 9&10

Mairen Lawson Girls 11&12

Bryn McVittie Girls 13&14

Aiden O’Donovan Boys 13&14

Ariane Harpe Girls 15-17



The 2015 Grande Prairie Aquarians CASH DRAW/WEST JET Fundraiser was a sell out again this year!! Thanks Grande Prairie and surrounding areas for supporting our club.

Here are this year’s WINNERS!!!!



 Allison Bruce




 Brad Dous



 Andrea Chrenek



 Natalie Gundersen





General information:

On May 23, 2015, we had 41 swimmers attend the Fairview Swim Meet. New pools bring new obstacles; however, the Aquarians were determined to swim their best.

 Memorable Swims:

Event Swimmers Name Description of why
400FR Thomas Shaw, Rian Sharpe Great first try at this event!
50 fly, 100 IM Miranda Hopkins Huge improvement on stroke technique
100FR, 100IM Bryn Mcvittie Long powerful kickouts
50BR Gavin Greber Beautiful pullouts
  Erin Hoveland Best times in all swims, kickouts on most turns
50BR, 100BR Cody Sorochan Great Stroke rate, Best Time
50Fly,-all swims Aiden O’Donnovan Best times in all swims!
50BR, 100BR Cody Sorochan Great Stroke rate, Best Time
400FR, 200IM Marie-Anna Lowen Tried some of the long races and swam them to her best
50BR Laura Lowen Swam all Best Times
100Fly Mairen Lawson Strong kick throughout, finished the race with a push
25m Bk Ireland Walsh Great stroke rate and determination
50m Fr Deklan Sharp Great kickouts! Best time
25m Bk Hayden Williams Awesome kick throughout the race
All races Diana Alvarez, Cayman Dawydiuk, Brandy Harding, Jaxon Henry, Owen Holman, Brooke McCullough, Ireland Walsh, Hayden Williams, and Stefan Zelko All of these swimmers, did an amazing job at their first swim meet with the Aquarians!

 Swimmer of the Meet:

The female swimmer of the meet went to Erin Hoveland. She was ready, talked to her coach before and after each race and was a big team player. She also performed at her finest with 100% best times The male swimmer of the meet went to Deklan Sharp. He made sure to speak to his coach before and after his swims. He further took that advice and showed it in the water. Deklan cheered for his teammates all day long, and he swam 100% best times.

 Aggregate Medals:

Swimmers Name Age Category (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Brooke McCullough 6&U Girls Bronze
Jaxon Henry       6&U Boys Bronze
Brandon Stanton 6&U Boys            Gold
Jordan Greber 7&8 Girls Silver
Evangeline Zeyha 9&10 Girls Bronze
Gavin Greber     9&10 Boys Gold
Mairen Lawson 11&12 Girls Gold
Jennifer Chrenek 11&12 Girls         Silver
Cameron Beson 11&12 Boys Gold
Cody Sorochan  13&14 Boys Bronze
Aidan O’Donovan 13&14 Boys Gold
Bryn McVittie    13&14 Girls         Gold
Jordi Sorochan 15-17 Girls Silver


Concluding Remarks:

It was an awesome start to our season. Great Job Everyone! Coach Megan and Coach Johanna picked up on some key areas to work on: Turns, kick-outs / push offs, holding starts and lots of kick. The Aquarians finished the meet with 116 personal best! Congratulations!


Submitted by Coach Megan

2015 Registration

Registration for the 2015 season will be live on March 1, 2015 for new and returning swimmers. select the link under the Registration tab. It will take you to the RAMP site. If you are a returning swimmer you will already have an account with a user name and password simply access your account and follow the prompts. You can also add another athlete under your account if you are bringing both a new and returning swimmer this season! If you are new to the RAMP site simply create an account and it will walk you through the registration process for the club. Once again this year’s fees can be paid online with your credit card. This is preferrable as it makes registration night go that much smoother for both the parents and the club. If you prefer cash or cheque of course this is still acceptable and can be paid at registration night. Please ensure you complete the online registration process before arriving at registration night. If you are having difficulty with the online portion a board member will be able to assit you at registration night.  Please bring your cheque book to registration night so that volunteer bonds can be paid. For details about registration night including dates, times and location please access this information on this website under the registration tab.  We are only a little over two months away until the start of the 2015 season!!! please feel free to contact me(Marie Lawson) with any questions or concerns at




I had shivers walking into this massive pool that can hold thousands of people and 20 lanes. I’m sure the kids that qualified felt the same. There was a tremendous amount of pressure and intensity and the kids handled it so well! Better then me that’s for sure as I was screaming, jumping up and down and fist pumping during the races!! The team brought intensity and a competitive drive like no other, and I loved it!!

I’m so proud of the kids that made it to provincials. They all worked so hard and deserved to be there and compete. There was energy, drive, and the kids were motivated; plus all the hard work they’ve put into practice they were more then ready to take on Provincials and have a good weekend!

We took home 10 medals coming from:

Jordan Greber 7&8 Girls: bronze 100 IM

Evangeline Zeyha 7&8 Girls: bronze 50 back, silver 25 back, bronze 25 free

Mairen Lawson 9&10 Girls: bronze 50 fly

Aiden O’Donovan 11&12 Boys: bronze 400 free, bronze 50 fly, bronze 200 free

Cameron Beson 11&12 Boys  bronze 100 breast

Chanel Hauck 15&16 Girls: bronze 50 back

 There were a lot of intense and exciting memorable races. From races where your heart just melts as the swimmer deserved to be in that pool racing as they worked so hard this year- to be more specific Miranda 50 fly; Caitlin 200 fr; and Rian 100 IM to the swimmers that made it to the podium!

 Again it was difficult to choose swimmer of the meet for Provincials as all did exceptionally well and had a fantastic weekend!

Female swimmer of the meet goes to Mairen Lawson. Mairen is an interesting athlete to coach and I loved every practice working with her this season. Mairen has an exceptionally high level of drive, motivation, inspiration and work ethic especially for her age. Coaching her in practice there’s not a doubt in my mind that she wants to be successful as bad as she wants to breath, as if she was drowning. Only my advance group would understand that saying haha..  And success to Mairen has been medaling in provincials and she’s been chasing this dream for the last 3 years. Mairen accomplished this goal with her athletic characteristics; behaviorally and physically at 2014 Provincials in her 50 fly getting bronze!!!! So proud of Mairen and honored to say I coached her half the season and helped her achieve this goal. She worked so hard this season and 100% deserved to be up on the podium to receive that medal. First time I got teary eyed watching my athlete accomplish a goal!

Male swimmer of the meet goes to Aiden O’Donovan. Aiden has such a bright future in his swimming career and I’m so excited to see him grow and utilize his talent in competitive swimming. Aiden worked so hard this year practice after practice meet after meet to get to where he is and I’m so honored to say that I was Aidens coach this year. Week after week Aiden continuously improved his stroke efficiency and set new personal bests and placed high in his age group. So high that he won 3 bronze medals in his 400 free, 50 fly, 200 free and a fourth place in his 100 IM! He beat his time in 3 of these events one taking 10 seconds off on his 400 free! Aiden stayed focused this meet with his eye on the prize! He competed in intense close races that had his family and my heart racing and he pulled away with success and I’m so proud of him! Aiden deserved the medals he accomplished from the hard work and determination he brings to the pool!


Head Coach


Going into this season one of my goals was I wanted the team performing at their best at regionals. Whether that was improving their stroke efficiency, setting new personal bests or qualifying for provincials. And boy, oh boy, did we ever over exceed this goal.

What a surreal weekend. I am so proud of the team and the successful year leading up to this weekend. We took Regionals weekend to a whole other level of success. I’ve never looked at something and felt such a rush of pride and honor.

We finished the weekend with 170 personal bests, 29 swimmers qualified or were wildcarded to provincials, 57 individual swims qualified as well as 12 relay swims. We won top team points for our region with a total of 882 points. I keep rereading these stats it’s so incredible.

Picking swimmer of the meet from Regionals is incredibly hard as each swimmer had a successful weekend and us coaches are so proud of each and every single one of them!!

Female swimmer of the meet goes to Caitlyn McCullough!!! Caitlyn was focused and showed all the signs of a genuine  competitor. She raced to win, she cheered on her teammates and she spoke to her coaches before and after each race. Her efforts paid off by taking tons of time off and making the podium. Congratulations Caitlyn for swimmer of the meet. -Johanna

Male swimmer of the meet goes to Cameron Beson!!! It’s been an absolute honor coaching Cameron this year. He’s what I call a true athlete. He’s motivated, driven and has an unreal work ethic. These strong characteristics is what’s going to make Cameron successful in the sports he pursues. Cameron was very focused, positive, energetic and inspired during Regionals. He qualified in all 4 of his swims with 2 Gold and 2 Silver and set 3 new personal bests. He raced an unreal swim in his 100m breast and that race will probably stick with me for the rest of my coaching career it was so intense! He was neck and neck with Mike Smith from Slave Lake and pulled ahead in the last 25m and took off 5 whole seconds in the final. Like I said… Cameron Beson is a true athlete and he defiantly has a bright successful future ahead of him.

Memorable Swims:

Every single d*mn swim!!!! Seriously!!!! All the races were intense and exciting and so much success within the race whether it was good stroke efficiency, a new personal best or qualified in that event!!!

We are all so proud of the kids!! I feel very blessed being part of such a great club!!

Coach Catherine


This past weekend in Peace River the coaches were very pleased with how the swimmers did! Everyone had great races and always had a positive attitude! The sportsmanship was phenomenal this weekend! Let’s bring that spirit with us to Regionals!

 The male swimmer of the meet goes to Owen Hoveland! Owen swam personal bests in all 4 of his events! He came to the meet with a great attitude and was determined to swim his best! He came to his coach asking what to focus on and he did just that! Way to go Owen and good luck at the Alberta Summer Games this weekend!

Our coaches choice for the female swimmer of the meet was a tie! We picked Rian Sharp and Erin Hoveland! Rian worked very hard this weekend and still had a great attitude even after her false start! Rian showed to us how dedicated she is at practice and how much she has improved this summer and we can not wait to see what she bring to Regionals! Erin was picked because she showed that she was using all of the corrections she had received all summer! Erin would also come up to her coach before and after every race and would always have a smile on her face! Erin has been very focused this summer and has really impressed all the coaches so far!

Memorable Swims:

 Rian Sharp: 200 free- she took off 30 seconds!

Jordan Greber: 50 back- awesome turn!

Thomas Shaw: 50 back- great turn!

Mairen Lawson: 200 free- took lots of time off!

Julianna Zeyha: 25 free- beat her time! 25 breast- took off 5 seconds!

Jodi Sorochan: 100 fly- new personal best!

Bryan McVittie: 100 breast- took lots of time off!

Caitlin McCullough: 200 free- awesome swim!

Reese Holman: 50 back- took lots of time off!

Chanel Hauck: 50 back & 50 breast- new personal bests!

Kendra Dunn: 200 free- new personal best!

Veronica Chrenek: 100 IM- took lots of time off!

Jessie Carlson: 50 free- took lots of time off

Aggregate Winners:


Jessie Carlson – 6 and under Gold

Evangeline Zeyha- 7&8 Gold

Jordan Greber- 7&8 Silver

Mairen Lawson- 9&10 Gold

Emma Chrenek- 13&14 Gold

Chanel Hauck- 15&16 Gold


Brandon Stanton- 6 and under Gold

 Thomas Shaw- 9&10 Silver

Owen Hoveland- 11&12 Bronze

Submitted by Coach Sydni


Congratulations to all the swimmers that competed this last weekend in High Prairie!! Boy oh boy did we have a successful weekend!! A lot of personal bests with very well done races!! Our coaching staff were very proud of how well the meet went. We are especially proud to be able to say that for all our IM swims, every single swimmer beat their time which is very impressive!! Well done IMers!

Our female swimmer of the meet is Miranda Hopkins!!! She’s been struggling with her fly and this weekend her fly has improved soo much!!! You can defiantly tell her hard work, focus and drive to correct this stroke is paying off. She also set a couple new personal bests this weekend!! Way to go girl, proud/ excited for you!!

Our male swimmer of the meet is Deklan Sharp!!! Deklan beat his time in all 4 of his races which is a huge accomplishment!!! Seeing this is so rewarding knowing that the effort the coaches put in plus the hard work the swimmer puts in week after week. After all the hard work it is totally worth it in the end when we have meets like this where we see improvement in stroke efficiency!! With his amazing races Deklan finished 3rd overall in his age group!! Way to go bud, keep up the hard work!!

For our Memorable swims were:

Emma OToole: 200 fr

Helaina Zeyha: 200 fr

Thomas Shaw: 200 fr

Jessie Carlson: 25 fr, 50 bk

Deklan Sharp: 25 fr

Tiernee Dinwoodie: 200 fr, 50 fr

Jordan Greber: 25 fly

Miranda Hopkins: 50 fly

Hallie OToole: 50 bk

Fiona Lowen: 50 bk

Reese Hollman: 50 fr

Savannah Christie: 100 IM

Aggregates this weekend went to:


6 and under

 Jessie Carlson: 1st


Jordan Greber: 1st

Evangeline Zeyha: 2nd


Mairen Lawson: 1st


6 and under

Brandon Stanton: 2nd


Deklan Sharp: 3rd


Aiden O’Donovan: 1st


Congratulations everybody on such a successful weekend!!

Catherine Geary

Head Coach


Thanks to everyone for all their hard work for this year’s Cash Draw and West Jet Draw. Both events were sold out!!!  Thank you to all the support from the community and surrounding areas and beyond for purchasing tickets.  A huge thank you to West Jet for their generous donation of the Gift of Flight. All of your suppport helps the swimmers continue to practice and attend meets for the 2014 season. The draw was made on June 30, 2014 at the Eastlink Centre. All winners have been contacted by phone.    


Gift of Flight:

Two return tickets anywhere West Jet flies: Ms. Amber Skelly

Cash Draw:

$1000.00: Mr Carey Wallan

$600.00: Mr John Hooper

$400.00: Mr. Allan Farrell

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